Monday, August 15, 2011

For Posterity and Fun

I found a list of date ideas from My Creative Stirrings and the one below stood out to me the most.

Here is the excerpt from her blog:

"12. Video Date- Have a video date where you take turns asking each other a series of questions. This would be a fabulous gift to your children in the future. It may even be fun for the two of you to re-watch. Haven't you ever wondered what your parents body movements or facial expressions were like when they were your age? Record something now because you never know when the chance will be gone. It should be fun!

You could come up with your own questions or use mine. Have fun and be creative!
1. What was your home town like?
2. How well did you get a long with your siblings, parents, teachers?
3. If you could re-do anything from the past what would it be?
4. What were you like in grade school, junior high, and high school?
5. What are some of your happiest memories from your childhood?
6. List 4 dreams (2 practical and 2 fun)
7. List 2 fears
8. What are 2 of your favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts?
9. Name 3 hobbies.
10. How did you meet mom/dad?
11. Name three of your favorite traits of mom/dad?
12. List two of your favorite traits of each child or share your favorite memory of each child.
13. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
14. What is your favorite color, animal, book, movie...
15. What is your happiest memory.
16. What was college like?
17. List three pieces of advise.
18. Anything else?"

Why, yes! I have wondered what my parents were like when they were my age. Thanks for pointing that out. I really want to leave traces of my husband and I for my (future) kids to discover. Then they will know that we too were once young and not so old and out-of-touch. (Not that I will ever be old and out-of-touch but just in case they think that, of course.)

My husband and I actually just bought a little flip video camera that I have been wondering what to do with. I'm sure when we have kids we will be recording their every move like every other new parent. But for now it is just the two of us and this is a perfect idea.

My sister, Amy, actually did a variation of this for my bachelorette party. She asked my hubby-to-be questions ahead of time. Then at my party she had me answer the questions before I saw the video. For every answer of mine that did not match his, I had a "body part" added to my hangman's noose. (Great combination of Trivial Pursuits and Hangman, Amy) Of course some of the questions were a little more spicy, so my children will probably not be seeing THAT video.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Found Shoes!

I found my shoes! I have been searching for the perfect flats (see my previous post) and finally found ones that I think will be comfortable and cute. I found them via They are the Report Kimball 2:

Monday, January 10, 2011


I’ve been having a lot of dreams recently. Dreams that are nightmares for a Bride-to-be. In one dream somehow I forgot to make up the bouquets. So five minutes before the ceremony my mom and I threw at least one together that I could carry down the aisle. My bridesmaids had to walk empty-handed. How would I ever forget to put the flowers together?

Then I was told that some of my beloved family members were not going to be able to make it in time for the ceremony. But we had to go on without them.

In my latest dream I somehow managed to walk down the aisle in ugly white tennis shoes. Not cute Converse or other statement shoes mind you. Bulky, white, athletic shoes (No, I was not intending to be a runaway bride). To add to that I didn’t have enough time to have my makeup and hair done. My hair looked like I had gone to sleep with wet hair the night before.

As the ceremony commenced I looked at my fiancé and realized I left our wedding bands at my house. My brother-in-law sped to my house and brought them back just in time.

However, these were not nightmares. Even though horrible things were happening to my “big day” and nothing went right, one thing remained consistent: Pure Joy.

Pure joy. That’s all I felt. I knew my wedding wasn’t going to be perfect. Everything was falling apart in my dreams. But at the end of the day I walked toward the man that I love, and those pompous details faded into the background. I wasn’t stressed. I was Mrs. Brandon Hash.

Mrs. Brandon Hash. That’s enough to get me through the little stresses that come my way. Those dreams are helping me keep a good perspective on this whole wedding process. June 18th will be about celebrating our love and the life we have started together, and if things don’t go as planned so be it.

That is the attitude I will try to maintain anyways…. I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams.